Online Poker - Take it or Leave it!

Online poker is gradually being strangled by regulation.

Far too many clowns in powerful positions to change this. Online poker is a victim of greed.

Globalists have no self control so we'll sink to new depths, incrementally. I have lost all faith in Western politicians.

Corporate puppets on a string. They don't care, they get paid bonus money for treasonous acts.

They can and will ban poker to slot in another "creepy regulation". It will affect all western nations because government's protect non sovereign corporations rather than doing a job they conned their way into.

Regulators will work through each country, poncing off self made businesses. I predict politicians will destroy online poker's credibility quicker than any ski masked gangster ever could.

Our governments introduced the worst kind of rodent to internet gambling, themselves and their cloaked buddies.

I come from a traditional gambling background.
  1. Bets must be honored, good or bad.
  2. No Cheating
I think politicians lie until they believe it.  I thought I was insane until I started studying the reasoning for idiotic political agendas.

Yeah, I think they better keep slipping in regulations. Oh Dear!

They do things that would get the crap kicked out of them at any self respecting illegal gambling establishment. A gambler who backs out on a lost bet is a RAT, no exception.

Cheats are not well appreciated. They can screw up a good thing for both operator and player. Again, RATS.

Politicians and NGO's are tightening their grip on everything, it goes far beyond poker.

I want true regulations to investigate political leaders and their backers. That's far more critical than optional games of online poker. I don't see benefit of welcoming RATS. It's bad enough them being parasitic, they don't even provide quality for money.